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New - October 2015:

Endre and Endre have teamed up with an international crew of extraordinary creators to develop Dunder – an 8-minute short film that centers on 3 central characters from the Dunderly universe – Bulder, Modika and Lex! Check out the trailer and support the completion of the film here: www.dunderlyfilm.com

Far away from people and high up in the mountains you’ll find a cabin full of kind, strange and playful monsters. The place they live is called Dunderly. Here they can play, shout and have as much ludibunder* as they like!

*Ludibunder is a new word the monsters use to describe anything that is fun and noisy!

Dunderly is created by author Endre Lund Eriksen and illustrator Endre Skandfer in cooperation with GAN Aschehoug. This children’s universe is developed in Norway and is a unique creation in Norwegian publishing history. The target age group is children from 2 – 8 years old.

Information about international rights

You can download an information brochure about Dunderly here.

You can download a sample of the novel The Monsters of Dunderly in English here.

Produkt bildet til forsiden

I wanted to create a universe with room for lots of different types; a celebration of diversity and variety. Dunderly is a free and open place.

Endre lund Eriksen

I hope children will have as much fun with the monsters in Dunderly as we’ve had creating them!

Endre Skandfer

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Please contact us for more information about bringing Dunderly to your territory:

Alistair Spalding, International sales, Dunderly 00 47 91 59 93 48 alistair.frank.spalding@aschehoug.no